A tale of two black guys

This is a story about two men. Two black men. They are both tall. They are both straight. One lives in TV LA, the other lives in TV Chicago.

This is Brad.

This is Winston.

Brad, played by Damon Wayans Jr on ABC’s Happy Endings, an improv-heavy ensemble comedy about six friends in Chicago with lots of that quick, pop culture riffing that has become the tone de jour since 30 Rock and Community, is a metrosexual  with a pair of great, pearly white teeth and a hot, ultra type-A white wife Jane (Eliza Coupe).

Winston, played by Larmone Morris on Fox’s New Girl, an improv-lite ensemble comedy about three men and one girl living in a loft in LA with the will they/won’t they non-tension of imminent copulation always, perpetually on the horizon, is a black man who played basketball in Latvia for some time. He likes the musical Wicked. That’s about it for Winston. Read the rest of this entry »


A note on ‘The Middle’

I’m trying to do this thing where I watch TV shows that are neither Chuck Lorre bad nor Matt Weiner buzz-worthy. These are the shows that slip through the cracks, shows that are legitimately good but for whatever reason don’t quite have the same sexy swoon plaudits of Modern Family and Mad Men, the two most consistently overhyped shows on TV (or about to be on TV in Mad Men’s case.)

I’ve stated my affinity for The Middle elsewhere on the Internets, namely on Facebook, but attempts to get my cabal of gal pals to watch the show have floundered spectacularly because a) watching movies/TV shows with my friends is seldom a good idea when said friends are giggly, tired and disinclined to believe you when you say, “But it’s actually really good!” and b) I could never find the really good episodes to screen. Read the rest of this entry »