Modern Family: the show I keep watching and I’m not sure why

Another Thursday evening, another half hour lost watching Modern Family on Hulu

So if you don’t like it, don’t watch it

anonymous, hypothetical Internet reader.

I know, I should just stop watching.

But I can’t help it. Thursday nights are when I have to turn in my ‘Chemistry in the Atmosphere’ problem sets and I hate math so much, I’ll watch anything, anything. And after Ty Burrell gave that acceptance speech at the Emmys, I had to reconsider my initial verdict.

Unfortunately, it’s still the same.

As Modern Family continues to get more and more popular, its comedy continues to underwhelm. So far in this third season, whacking viewers over the head with big, broad jokes is still apparently the way to go.

The season opener of Modern Family started in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where among other things, one half of the GAY COUPLE!, Mitchell, learned to be manly and eldest daughter Haley’s boyfriend, Dylan, proposes. That’s just the season opener. So far, Phil has walked on a tightrope, Cam and Mitchell have gone on a fad diet and survived a hit-and-run, Haley sold drugs, and LATINA BOMBSHELL, Gloria, used her boobs to seal a deal for Jay.

Okay, so situational comedies have never exactly been grounded in reality, and Cheers, (forever the gold standard in my book), went for the crazy plot lines (especially after Shelley Long left) all the time, but with Modern Family, it’s so obvious. You can smell the punchline from a mile away.

I want to go back to the simpler times when Phil was a cool kid quoting ‘High School Musical’ and not the incompetent nincompoop he was in last week’s episode. Phil is all over the place as a character now. I want the Mitch and Cam of yesteryear, where Mitch was the straight man to Cam’s flamboyant one. Now they’re both  insufferable.

I want old deadpan Lily. (I realize this one’s a pipe dream).  I want to laugh out loud again.



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