Shout out to Aisha Muharrar

Television is one vicious industry. You pour your heart and soul into the development of a new series and it can still be dead on arrival. Seniority doesn’t matter, neither does quality. It’s a strange, fickle game, alright.

So major props to Aisha Muharrar.

Who, you say? And how do you pronounce that last name?

I’ll answer the second question first. Moo-har-raaa? I really don’t know.

On to the next one.

Aisha Muharrar, a Harvard grad (television comedy writers are an impressively Ivied bunch; it’s weird) and author of fun articles like this one, writes for Parks and Recreation.  It’s an impressive feat for a number of reasons:

Maybe, maybe not. She’s funny though. That’s for sure.


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