Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!–Emmy 2011 Review

No need to be angry! You won!

The Emmys were the usual amalgam of awkwardness and schmaltz (it was pretty heavy on the awkwardness this year–Taraji P. Henson reduced to singing backup??? and don’t get me started on Charlie Sheen)–but KYLE CHANDLER WON AN EMMY.

Sooo happy for him, literally choking back some tears. And how serendipitous that Minka Kelly presented the award!

Some other highlights:

  • Jane Lynch: “A lot people are very curious as to why I’m a lesbian — ladies and gentleman, the cast of Entourage.”
  • Melissa McCarthy and all the other nominated funny girls. They were very cute.
  • Peter Dinklage. What a last name.
  • KYLE CHANDLER WON AN EMMY (I’m so happy I had to mention it twice.)
  • Jon Hamm. Did you see how many people he helped up the stage? So chivalrous!

Some lowlights:

  • Emmytones. It was cringe-inducing to watch Joel McHale sing. At first we were like (I watched the show with the sis; that’s the only way you can get through these things), is that really Joel McHale? Alas, it was. And Cobie Smulders. And Taraji P. And Kate Flannery. And Zachary Levi. And Wilmer Valderrama (nice to see you on TV again…I guess…)
  • The fashion. And  I am by no means a fashion expert, but it was just bad this year. Julianna Margulies? What was she wearing?? Gwyneth Paltrow???
  • Kate Winslet’s false modesty. You were the HUGE favorite. Don’t play.
  • The overuse of ‘Hallelujah.’ That song has officially lost all its poignancy. Well, that actually happened ages ago when the X Factor decided to turn it into a diva hit.
  • The lack of love for Clarice Taylor. Come on now. You got Bubba Smith from Police Academy in the death reel, and you couldn’t spare a few lousy seconds for Heathcliff Huxtable’s mommma? For shame.
  • Modern Family overload. I’m genuinely happy for Tyler Burrell and Julie Bowen, neither of whom (is that gramatically correct?) were favored to win as far as I know. But let’s be honest. This past season of Modern Family was not that good. Modern Family doesn’t deserve that Emmy this year. Parks and Rec was robbed!
  • Mad Men/The Daily Show hegemony. Okay, so this past season of Mad Men was pretty epic, minus any episodes alluding to race. But like a true American, I got to root for the underdogs, and I was a little crestfallen that FNL didn’t take it this year. And I’m tired of Jon Stewart. Oh so tired.
  • Still too many white male directors/producers/writers aka the people with the real power. ‘Nuff said.

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