Crazy, Stupid, Love is not stupid

Well. There are certainly stupid parts. And some truly baffling scenes. Some odd musical choices, strange cinematic shenanigans. But all in all I was thoroughly entertained– and I was not expecting to be. Together with Friends with Benefits you can almost say there’s some life left in the rom-com genre. It’s barely there, you have to press your ear next to the nearly dead carcass, but if you listen very carefully, you can hear a faint kaboom, kaboom kaboom. 


I watched The Fighter a few weeks ago. Fantastic! Though it was very predictable, you wanted it to go exactly as you predicted it would go, because the characters were that compelling and the acting was that good. Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams especially were pleasant surprises, the latter making much of the supportive girlfriend role. Of course Christian Bale was good because he’s Christian Bale and Melissa Leo put on a great ‘bravura’ performance.


Whenever you are feeling down, oh working woman, whenever you are secretly cursing the twin boulders of sexism and amorality in the work place, fear not! Channel your inner Working Girl and march into the office with  Carly Simon’s ridiculous Oscar-winning song blaring in the background. I watched this movie a few weeks ago and was so invigorated. Again, you kind of knew where the plot was going before long, but the execution was pitch perfect and Melanie Griffith was fantastic! As was Sigourney Weaver who was 39 at the time and  easily looked nine years younger. The only criticisms–I wonder how Mike Nichols feels about Carly Simon now. There’s a reason that those big, anthem-y theme songs have gone out of style. Also, the hair and costumes of this film were out of control! The first hour or so of the film was painful, painful to watch. Melanie Griffith and that straggly, mile high hair. Poor Joan Cusack with that horrid, raccoon eye makeup. But, all in all, certainly a modern day classic. And I totally, finally understand why people think Harrison Ford was a fox in his days. (He had still had some game in Morning Glory.) 


2 Comments on “Crazy, Stupid, Love is not stupid”

  1. Sara says:

    Wait, I want to hear what you think about Friends With Benefits because it looks excruciating. (I am actually super excited about Crazy, Stupid Love.)

    If you like Working Girl (which is one of many 80s movies I grew up on), I strongly suggest you watch Nine to Five. It deals with a lot of the same themes but is funnier and more interesting, and has more Lily Tomlin and less Melanie Griffith which in my book is a net plus.

    • tometome says:

      I’ll definitely check that out!

      Friends with Benefits is actually better than Crazy, Stupid Love. FWB is very tongue in cheek about the rom com genre while still adhering to it. The director, Will Gluck, tries to pay homage to the Tracy-Hepburn fast talking pictures, and while he doesn’t reach that level by any stretch of the imagination, it still makes FWB a very pleasant surprise. Mila Kunis is the anti -Katherine Heigl and she has great chemistry with Justin Timberlake. The movie’s also refreshingly frank about sex, while still having strategically placed bed sheets. And Patricia Clarkson and Richard Jenkins are in it, which automatically makes the movie a whole lot better.

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