2011 Emmy Noms!

The 2011 Primetime Emmy Award nominations were released today and they are full of all kinds of lovely– some expected, some not. First, let me say how thrilled I am that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences came to their senses and witheld an acting nod from the increasingly obnoxious January Jones. Granted she wasn’t really around much this past season of Mad Men, but I think everybody’s over the collective fascination with a character so confoundedly cold and infantile. The old debate–is Januaray Jones a good actress or not–has finally been resolved. She can’t really act and is a spoiled brat who mistakenly thinks that people hated her in high school because she was beautiful, when actually, it was because she was a bi–(I’m trying to stop using this word, but sometimes it’s the only one that really encapsulates a certain personality). Anyway, let’s just say I’m glad she wasn’t nominated and I think Elizabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks are richly deserving of their nods.

It’s also nice to see The Good Wife representing so awesomely. Another Best Supporting Actress nod for Christine Baranski and Archie Panjabi and Josh Charles (!!) finally got his for Best Supporting Actor. It was a damn good season for The Good Wife on the whole, so kudos.

But most importantly, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS FINALLY GOT NOMINATED FOR  OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES. Finally. It won’t win because the academy has never had much love for Dillon, Texas (or really any love at all; this is only the second time Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler have been nominated for their acting on the show which is ridiculous considering how superb they’ve been throughout the show’s four seasons.) I already know I’m probably going to bawl like a newborn baby when the show’s finale airs on NBC this Friday. What a ride it’s been, FNL. May you rest in sweet, sweet peace.

One of the best (if not the best) TV marriages in history. Hands down.

Moving on though, kudos to Kristen Wiig on her oustanding supporting actress -comedy nod. This is her third nod (according to that most reliable of all sources, Wikipedia, meanwhile, I didn’t know SNL cast members could be nominated for Emmys like that.) Laurence Fishburne and Idris Elba bring a healthy dose of  much needed color with their ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a miniseries or a movie’ nods and Edgar Ramirez, of Carlos hotness, was nominated in that category as well. Idris Elba was in fact nominated for another Emmy for ‘Outstanding Guest Actor on a comedy series’  so three extra  crisp snaps for him. Lol.

And yay for Parks and Recreation! It was very rightly nominatated for ‘Outstanding Comedy Series. On the whole, I’m very very pleased. Well done, TV powers that be, well done.


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