Why I won’t watch ‘Bridesmaids’


If you haven’t heard of Judd Apatow-produced movie Bridesmaids, you must be living in a sad, sad place, devoid of all pop culture news–a place  better known as the Regenstein Library. Virtually every single pop culture magazine and, a few publications that are supposed to be above all that, have run a story about Bridesmaids and its victory for women everywhere. It’s the best of both worlds, a comedy about women with women that isn’t a romcom. It’s written by women. That pretty girl from SNL is in it.

As a matter of principle, it’s exactly the kind of movie I will never watch in theatres. When people like Mary Elizabeth Williams are calling a movie “your first black president of female-driven comedies” , I have  a duty to God not to ever, ever, watch it. All the accolades about how progressive the film is because women poop and vomit is absurd. The desperation underlying all the praise, the claims that watching Bridesmaids is some sort of social responsibility to women everywhere is embarrassing. No, it’s not some sort of social responsibility. Simply put.

Is it really progress? Five white women, one systematically confused black woman (I know, I know, she’s biracial, she can choose to identify however she wants, take the roles a darker-skinned black woman would never get, have Paul Thomas Anderson’s babies, it’s progress, yada yada yada), all skinny, all fitting standard definitions of attractiveness, with the one big, fat, bawdy, comic relief exception (how original).

Oh I’m sure it will be funny. I’m sure there will some points where I will laugh. Jon Hamm is in it. That alone should force me to get off my butt and shleck out the $10 at the movie theatre to watch him lie in bed with his shirt off. But here’s the other thing: I’m so tired of watching white people in movies. Seriously. I’m so done. I’m so tired of these makebelieve worlds where people of color only exist as comic relief or pretty scenery at fancy dinner parties, to make us think that these people are more enlightened then they really are. Is that harsh? Maybe. But I think I’ve overdosed on white Hollywood for a while. In fact, I may go see Jumping the Broom, which on paper is the far inferior film between the two. But what’s wrong with looking at some pretty black people for two hours?


2 Comments on “Why I won’t watch ‘Bridesmaids’”

  1. autumn says:

    I totally agree. I’m Indian-American (first-gen), and I’m so sick of movies/TV shows that only contain white people, and, if they’re stretching, conventionally-white-attractive black people and asian people.

    And even while I know that this is lame and totally constructed and sucks, it’s so pervasive that often when I’m involved with a white guy/non-indian guy, I feel conscious about being seen with him.

    • tometome says:

      Thanks for commenting, autumn. Do you by chance watch the TV show “The Good Wife”? It’s my favorite show on network TV and Archie Panjabi, British-Indian, is on it. She’s fantastic and actually won an Emmy for her performance. It’s over for this season but you should definitely check it out. In fact, come to think of it, television is probably your best bet for getting some South Asian representation. Naveen Andrews, another British Indian, was on LOST, (although he played an Iraqi) and Aziz Ansari (Indian American) has a prominent role in the half hour comedy “Parks and Recreation.” So if tv’s your thing, you should check some of those shows out. But I agree in general, American film representations of South Asians (and really Asians in general) is pretty horrendous.

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