One of the weirdest (and incidentally) pleasurable memories I have of living in Rhode Island (there weren’t a lot) was going to the Christian bookstore and happening upon one of the women from the lily white church we attended. She worked in the children’s ministry and liked to sing in a breezy vibrato, with her eyes closed. She could very well have been one of those lackadaisical pot smokers in another life. Anyway, I didn’t realize any of this at the time, and so when she recommended Lisa McClendon to our family, my dad diligently bought the CD and curious (and excited because our parents had just bought two CD players for us to use in our separate rooms), I popped the CD in and lo and behold, loved it.

Here it was, Christian music that was just good music, straight up. I love her voice–husky, alto. I loved her harmonies, her lyrics. I loved her natural hair. She was the shizniss. She was Lauryn Hill before I really knew who Lauryn Hill was. Lisa is her own jazzy,bluesy, gospely, R&By hodgepodge and I love that. She isn’t anyone but her fabulous music self. I love Chris Rice for this reason also.  Anyways, check out her sick take on one of the most annoying CCM songs ever.


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