‘The Good Wife’ Recap: Wrongful Termination

Boy, the writers on The Good Wife sure are building the show up to a heartbreaking finale.

“So your husband has sworn to you that there was only the prostitute?” asks Petra, brazen reporter. Cut to Eli’s tense face, then to Alicia, who answers in perfect lawyer fashion:

“I won’t discuss personal conversations.”

“And if your husband abused his office by sleeping with a co-worker,” (cut to Eli again) “and he lied to the people closest to him, his wife and his children, do you think the electorate should trust him?” (Cue intensifying string instruments).

“Mrs Florrick?”

Silence. Cut to Alicia, camera zooms  in on her expressionless face.

“Did you have an AIDS test?”

“How dare you!” Eli exclaims. He hangs up. And from that moment, everything is set up for one tear-mongerer of a season finale. Just when things are looking up, up, up for Alicia–this one night stand revelation will set all that progress back.

How the writers decide to handle this situation will be crucial. The Good Wife could so easily become the worse kind of drama, when bad stuff happens all the time, just because it can, and characters are never allowed to breathe before crappy situations consume them, because it’s a drama you know and everyone has to be sad in order to be interesting.  They best be careful…


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