Grey’s Anatomy’s Musical Episode: Hahahahaha!

Oh my gosh, my stomach hurts from all the laughing. Shonda Rimes has always been a living, breathing factory of crowd-pleasing smut, but she really, really went to town with Grey’s Anatomy’s musical episode that aired this past Thursday. It wasn’t supposed to be funny, but of course it was.

Since its conception, Grey’s has suffered from too-much-literalism-itis. This musical episode, the aptly titled “Song Beneath the Song,” shows us that Grey’s has no attention of getting rid of its malady anytime soon.

Favorite moment: when the obvious non-singer Kevin McKidd leads Grey’s ensemble cast in a (intended-to-be) poignant rendition of the Fray’s “How to Save a Life.”

Embedded below for your viewing pleasure is the other highlight of the episode. The cringe-inducing sex song. Karev wails like a banshee:


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