More Reasons why ‘Parks and Recreation’ is awesome sauce!

They have their own ‘City of Pawnee’ website! Click here.

The website features interesting historical tidbits about the fictional Indiana town, including an explanation of their town name:

Visitors often ask about our name. There is a North American Native American tribe from the plains of Nebraska called Pawnee, a peaceful and noble tribe with roughly 2500 surviving members. However, we are not named after them! Legend has it, Reverend Howell chose “Pawnee” as the name for our city accidentally – a functional illiterate, he tried to write “Paradise” on the city charter and his scrawls were misinterpreted.

The Native Americans who did live here were called the Wamapoke, as in the Olde Wamapoke Tribal Shop, located in the downtown shopping district. The Wamapoke tribe was a small group of 50 – 100, known for their distinctive circular patterned basket weavings and scalpings.

As James Poniewozik over at Time wrote in his raving third season review, Parks and Recreation does a wonderful job capturing that small town feel. And since the town is fictional, they have more liberty to really develop the town culture, unlike The Office, for example, set in the real city of Scranton, PA.

One thing though: It’d be nice if Donna began to get more character development. Her relationship advice to Ann in yesterday’s episode felt suspiciously like ‘black-best-friend-whose-sole-purpose-is-to-provide-comic-relief-and-unsolicited-advice’ syndrome–a malady that most romantic comedies suffer from these days. If an episode can center around Jerry, surely Parks writers can get Donna into the mix.


One Comment on “More Reasons why ‘Parks and Recreation’ is awesome sauce!”

  1. […] I’ve touched upon this before, but this week’s episode committed ‘the black best friend’ trope so grievously, I feel compelled to post. […]

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