‘Glee’ Recap: Not Sexy, Just Disappointing

Oh Glee, oh my.

After such a fun episode two weeks ago, one that brought back long lost memories of a Glee in its prime, you falter once again. Every week I tune in to watch you, in the hopes that you will reclaim some of that former glory. But alas. ALAS.

Sex? Really? I guess THE WHOLE FIRST SEASON with the fake pregnancies and the real pregnancies, the celibacy clubs and the ‘Push It’ number didn’t quite do the trick, eh?

So you got the ubiquitous Gwyneth Paltrow to reprise her role as Holly and, while I dug her the first time around, she was soooo annoying this episode. Ugh! Stop trying to be cool. You’re forty years old, Gwyneth Holly!

Some random commentary because I can’t be bothered to recap:

  • The Warblers. In a barn. With bubbles. Why?
  • I am officially, so, so tired of Mr. Schuster. Congratulations, Ryan Murphy, in less than two seasons you have managed to ruin what was once a plausible, likeable character. Poor Matthew Morrison!Everytime he opens his mouth, with his eyebrows all knotted with concern for ‘the kids,’ I want him to choke and die from the fumes emanating from the gel he uses to keep those curls in place.
  • I don’t know how I feel about Santana’s sudden revelation about Heather. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes. Naya Rivera definitely brought her A-game though. Great acting.
  • I love, love, love Burt Hummel! Easily my favorite character on the show. I totally wanted Kurt to give his dad a huge hug after his great, biblically unsound, sex talk. Why doesn’t Kurt appreciate his father as much as I do??
  • Kevin Mchale was totally singing harmony on the Stevie Nicks number (good song btw)! If it wasn’t Mchale (though I’m pretty sure it was), it was definitely some DUDE, and it totally highlighted once again, how ridiculously overprocessed, overstylized, and overdubbed the musical numbers on Glee are. Why can’t they just once try and make it sound like there was oxygen in the room when they sing these songs?
  • “Kiss.” Haven’t heard that song in a while. Prince does it better.
  • Really, Schuster? You make out with Gwyneth Paltrow while your musicians are packing up? Have some decency, sheesh!

James Poniewozik, over at Time, blames this episode’s suckiness on Gwyneth. So does Matt Zoller Seitz at Salon.com.

I disagree though. The primary blame falls on Brad Falchuk, the writer, who dropped the ball. Here’s hoping it gets better.


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