Oscars 2011: Somewhere Over the Rainbow White Men Won’t be the only ones to win Oscars


I’ve already talked about the overwhelming whiteness of the 2011 Oscar season here, so I’ll resist the urge to talk about it again, although, although—ugh! It just kills me.

Like not even for any of the technical awards?


And when Kathryn Bigelow, the first woman to win Best Director (last year SMH) came out to introduce the Best Director Nominees–they were a bunch of white, middle-aged guys. Just like nothing has changed.

So sad.

But enough about that. Here are my thoughts after the ceremony:

  • The more I see James Franco, the more I realize that he is such a nerd–but an attractive one. UPDATE: Franco is actually a douche
  • Anne Hathaway tries way tooo hard to be adorable.
  • Melissa Leo is a potty-mouthed delight
  • Not a fan of the white-on-white Josh Brolin; Javier Bardem.
  • Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey? Seems like the Academy’s trying to make up for something. I wonder what.
  • Christian Bale’s beard and his hair are two different colors. That’s so cool. I’ve always wondered how that happens.
  • I didn’t dislike Natalie Portman’s acceptance speech.
  • Colin Firth is ever the consummate gentleman, but even he went on a little too long.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow? The next country star? Come on now.
  • Jennifer Hudson, my girl, I know you lost some weight, you’re looking good, but I saw a little too much.
  • And, why are you so nervous JHud? Really threw me off, you sang so effortlessly at the Grammys.
  • Sandra Bullock is so great at being likable.
  • Russell Brand, not so much.
  • The Oscars are so predictable.

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